Friday, June 7, 2013

Haul: Budget $70

I challenged myself to buy clothes that are less than $15. My husband is not really in favor of me going to a thrift store so I have been skipping it for the longest time now. But I still want to try it! So I had plan B. Since I live close to an outlet mall I was pretty much positive that I will be able to find good deals. I looked around and checked stores. I had a $70 budget this time. And here are the items that I got. Tops are all from the Burlington Coat Factory and Pants both from Mango. I had so much fun doing this! Fashion doesn't have to be very expensive. Nowadays you have to be practical. All you do is mix and match. Personally, I don't mind wearing non branded clothes as long as I like the style but of course if given the chance who wouldn't want designer clothes right?

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