Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dadeland Mall

My friend and I have been planning on heading to Dadeland Mall which is an hour away from home but for some reason every time we plan something comes up and we end up not going. So finally, we went and got lost too. Main reason for going was Topshop and Zara, since its the closest one to us,both shops have SALE! We got extremely excited as soon as we saw the SALE sign. We went to urban outfitters too! I will post soon what I got from each store. Sneak peak! There will be à haul vidéo too I will upload it on my YouTube channel soon. Username: Poise Ziegler (I am still working on my video quality and content too,so please bear with me as I say on my vids haha)

I cant wait to have an actual Zara and Topshop store in Fort Lauderdale area, its a good crowd so why not open one?

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