Saturday, June 29, 2013

Magazine Subscriptions

I would normally get my magazines from CVS, one issue for each fashion magazine. I spend more or less $30 a month then realized why not subscribe instead. So last month after two attempts I finally got a billing for it with my correct name and got my magazines. I'm waiting for one more. And I'm pretty happy with my decision. In the end I'm only paying $10 a year for each subscription. 

I am particular too about which magazine I get, I mix it the ones that feauture high end products to keep me updated and the ones that feature affordable items that I can splurge on each month. Yes, retail therapy.

Is it just me?But I get a high feeling when I smell the glossy paper! I can't even explain it! I guess it's a girl thing!

Snip Snap App for Coupons

Who does not want good deals? Snip Snap makes it easy for the coupons to be right on your phone and never have to worry about forgetting them especially during on the spot trips that we make in a day.

They have a lot of stores included,cool thing is you can choose according to your preference. There are coupons for meals, clothes, even for automobile services like oil change.

Download it now and start being a smart shopper!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why am I blogging?

I really thought that being a blogger was easy peasy til I started my own. Its just not about writing or reviewing about some product or endorsing something. You mainly expose yourself and let people understand you better. They may or they may not agree to what is written in the blog, some may take it as a helpful article, others may just be checking out of curiosity. As I review my account I am overwhelmed to see that I have readers from all over the world. Thank you to all of you guys. Please let me know if you want any topics in specific that you want me to feature because that will help me a lot to put more content on this, I do not want to bore you guys haha. Kidding aside, thank you for taking time in viewing my blog.

Being away from friends and family is so tough so I needed an outlet.
And that is shopping, I know my limit of course, I set a specific budget each month and  I take pictures of my purchases to just mainly share what kind of clothes or random stuff are available here in the US, I focus more on the affordable ones because a lot of people can relate more versus purchasing the high end label ones which we need to save on and get probably once a year unless we are billionaires, right? But seriously, who does not want designer brands? You will see some designers here but they are mostly on sale, you have to be smart nowadays to keep up with fashion. You just have to learn where to buy them,and what style to get. I have learned to choose which ones I specifically like, does not mean that there is a new trend, you have to have it, trends are guide, it may or it may be your style, but remember its only a guide. You want to look fashion forward and not a fashion victim. Okay moving on to why I blog......

This is also be for my Kababayans, you know how we get curious about what is new here in the US. This is my way of taking you with me  to my journey. I am so happy to see that a lot of foreign brands are available now in the Philippines, but of course never forget to support our local brands too! During my last visit there, my clothing purchases were all from the local brands, I wanted to do my little share in the economy.

I am forgetful, I am really bad at dates and this reminds me of what I did for the week and for me to keep track of my personal progress. This used to be a goal, six months ago, I wanted this so bad but too much was going on of course I had to do one thing at a time. And now that it became a reality, I am more than happy.  There is still so much to learn about blogging, I have a domain name but I really do not know how to fix that part yet so I am taking things slowly. This is all new to me, and learning new things is always good! 

Welcome to my world, please welcome me to yours! 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Dadeland Mall

My friend and I have been planning on heading to Dadeland Mall which is an hour away from home but for some reason every time we plan something comes up and we end up not going. So finally, we went and got lost too. Main reason for going was Topshop and Zara, since its the closest one to us,both shops have SALE! We got extremely excited as soon as we saw the SALE sign. We went to urban outfitters too! I will post soon what I got from each store. Sneak peak! There will be à haul vidéo too I will upload it on my YouTube channel soon. Username: Poise Ziegler (I am still working on my video quality and content too,so please bear with me as I say on my vids haha)

I cant wait to have an actual Zara and Topshop store in Fort Lauderdale area, its a good crowd so why not open one?

Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome Summer 2013

So today is the first day of summer here in the US. My first ever. My favorite season so far and it makes me miss of home so much.

There will be à lot of prints, néon, all sorts of cute shorts,dressés and sleeveless tops on the rack of clothing stores. And how can you even resist shopping?!?

Showing you my essentials to give you à taste of my summer. Best part: I am excited with the upcoming styling events.Weeeee.

So what do I have here:

1. Water Bottle(this is a freebie during our Nautica Father's Day event at Macys)
2. Orly Nail Polish
3. Vitamin C Skin Boost acts as primer
4. Hand Sanitizer Bath&Body Works
5. Origins Brighter by Nature Moisturizer SPF35
6. Lip Gloss Bath&Body Works
7. Lancome Show Mascara Alber Elbaz
8. Chanel Powder Blush 55 In Love
9. Oakley Frogskins Purple Sunglasses
10. Kate Spade Light Blue Large Pouch
11. Lace Top with Néon Lining Express
12. Green Printed Sleeveless Top H&M
13. Cream&Black Studded Sandals Steve Madden
14. Beige Sneakers Tory Burch
15. Denim & White Shorts Charlotte Russe
16. Chambray Denim TJ Maxx Off White Roxy
17. Orange Sleeveless Top with Aztec design Charlotte Russe
18. Aztec Orange skirt no brand from Greenhills,Philippines

So what are your summer essentials? I would love to know and try new products.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ipsy First Glam Bag

Finally received my first ipsy bag. It came in this bright pink bubble wrap. I got curious what kind of samples they give each month so I decided to subscribe. The kit came with an animal print pouch with neon lining to it. It has eye shadow palette from the brand beauty. A NYX blush in the shade sand. Lip pencil in Bare from Starlooks. Eye highlighter in Ivory Lace from the brand Chella. Lastly, gel eyeliner from Cailyn.

Verdict: So so
Why: I don't go out to party so I don't know where else to use the very sparkly eye shadow palette

Prefer a coralish blush over the color given in the kit.

Make up kit: how about a brigther color and fun summer print versus the animal print usually used for fall season

Faves: lip liner,eye highligther and eyeliner

Can't wait for July to see the new samples!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Nautica Father's Day Event @Macy's

This event was made possible to help shoppers pick gifts for their dads. Nautica offered free monogram for the shirts purchased. Show started 3pm and ended 5pm. Models, James and Sebastian had 6 outfit changes. Complimentary food and drinks were also provided. A raffle was drawn as well for one lucky winner of a stylish watch during the said event.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

How are you today?

I have this cute journal where I write all my dreams. I do believe that if you ask you shall receive. I have always considered myself as a lucky one, I may not get what I want right away but it will definetely be given to me at the right time. Your thoughts, your affirmations do happen. Over time I have realized that the possibilities were endless. Next thing I knew I am here in the US. It is not an easy battle, being away from my family but Im sure that the life lessons and experience will all be worth it! For now, I appreciate everything that is coming along my way. I trust in Him with all my heart.

Escape Miami with Peroni & Sagamore Hotel

I am very happy to be à part of this collaboration with Peroni and Sagamore Hôtel. Miami's top fashion bloggers lead by team up to strike their poses for the photo shoot and created their own concept to showcase their sexy and cute outfits for summer and swim week. Sunglasses from Italia Independent were also provided to accessorize the blogger's outfits. For props we used skate boards and surf boards from the first surf shop store.

Photos will be shown at the premises of the hôtel on July 20,2013 during the Peroni event. Mark your calendars. I will be posting béhind the scenes pictures on July 20.
More photos are available on Instagram with the hashtags #escapemiami #sagamoreswimweak #peroni and user names @sagamorehotel @italiaindependentofficial @f1rstsurfshop

Here is à sneak peek of the hôtel. Staff are very friendly. They took care of us during the shoot. Food, drinks and COFFEE were all provided during the entire day of the two day shoot to keep us all hyped.


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Balenciaga Sunglasses on sale

I received an email about the on going sale at last call by Neiman Marcus. Too late since I just got mine à few days ago could have been à lot cheaper. Ohhh man!

Heres à link for those of you who are interested. Hurry since its limited time only.

Happy Shopping!

Copy and paste on your browser:

Friday, June 7, 2013

Haul: Budget $70

I challenged myself to buy clothes that are less than $15. My husband is not really in favor of me going to a thrift store so I have been skipping it for the longest time now. But I still want to try it! So I had plan B. Since I live close to an outlet mall I was pretty much positive that I will be able to find good deals. I looked around and checked stores. I had a $70 budget this time. And here are the items that I got. Tops are all from the Burlington Coat Factory and Pants both from Mango. I had so much fun doing this! Fashion doesn't have to be very expensive. Nowadays you have to be practical. All you do is mix and match. Personally, I don't mind wearing non branded clothes as long as I like the style but of course if given the chance who wouldn't want designer clothes right?

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Orly and Opi all for $35?!?

I posted on my IG a few days ago my 24 shades of summer for my fave nail polishes, to my surprise I found new colors from TJ Maxx. I never expected to find them there so I was very happy when I saw the colors,bought them in a heartbeat! I was skeptical at first thinking that maybe they were old but the quality is very good and not old stock either. The colors are all perfect for the season so that was MAJOR!

Orly Perfect Pair was $6.99
Opi together at last was $7.99
Orly per piece $3.99

Check them out.

Smashbox and Lorac all for $40?!?

Who knew that I could get these lip products for a very cheap price. I normally get my make up from Sephora and they also have great deals in that store. I was at Nordstrom Rack at the Sawgrass Mills store and found these babies. Bought them right away since they were great deals and I don't have a lot of lip products. Uploaded a haul video about this on my you tube channel as well.

The key is to know where to buy them. I am always in hunt for products that have discounted price and I will share them with you once I get amazing deals. I want to make sure that I get value for my money. So what do you think?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

What's in my purse

I have hyperpigmentation due to acne marks so as soon as I saw the smashbox spot correcting primer I bought it and got really curious. So I have been using it for days now and I love how it gives glow to my face. I could not see any difference for the dark spots yet since it should take weeks to see noticeable difference so I'm excited about that. For the bareminerals foundation, I wanted an alternative for my liquid foundation, I love how it gives you full coverage too. Great for concealing as well. For my credit card holder, that would be Kate Spade since my older one gave up on me already, make up kit is also from the same brand. I love colors and prints,and Kate Spade never fails. And ohhh new Gucci sunnies for me. I was in the mood to spoil myself today so I went ahead and bought a new pair.