Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lincoln Road Mall

Six months ago when I first arrived I wanted to go to Lincoln Road since I heard so many things about it. So yesterday I finally had the time to go there. I have been working since the first month I got here that's why I didn't really find the time go drive all the way to South Beach.

The trip was tiring since we came from West Palm Beach since my husband had to work before we could go to Lincoln Road. We were debating if we were gonna do it the same day but we did anyway. In total he drove 150 miles. We arrived Lincoln Road around 3:30pm, flat rate for parking was $30, which is pricey but it's a tourist spot. Our first stop was ZARA, I got lucky since they had sale items too! They don't have a ZARA here in Fort Lauderdale anymore the space was replaced by H&M which was in Aventura Mall. After we grabbed some gyro which was really yummy then walked 11 blocks to Lincoln Road Mall since we were in Collins Ave. Had yogurt after browsing the boutiques. I saw Aldo, Forever 21, PAUL, Desigual, Steve Madden, Sunglass Hut, H&M. Lots of restaurants too which had nice set up close to the boutiques which reminded me of Serendra in The Fort from back home.

Considering that they have a lot of tourists I was surprised not to see high end brands here. So I was a bit disappointed with that. I know people don't go to South Beach to shop but would still be nice to see the designer brands,after all people who also live there are mostly the upper class. Would be a good crowd for that kind of business.

In the end I still enjoyed our walk and it was nice to finally see the area. Here are some pictures.

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