Monday, February 25, 2013

Home is where your heart is

I have been busy the past days since I am scheduled to visit the Philippines! I always find it difficult to pack and have been buying pasalubong (souvenir) for my friends and family. I was debating whether I wanted to go this month or next month then finally decided. I will be talking to a couple of people too who will be helping me with my personal shopping business.

I am partly excited. Partly nervous. I have only been here in the US for six months and it was quite an adjustment. It is always nice to see your family and friends but I can only spend a couple of weeks since I have to look for a new job. Good byes are always difficult.

Althroughout my stay I have realized that things do really change. You've got to grasp at whatever is given to you and be thankful for it. Nothing is permanent, once you leave, people may choose to stay in your life or move on with their own too. In the end, one can only hope for the best.

See you Manila! I missed you! I left you but my heart stayed there.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Personal Shopping

I'm happy to announce that I'm starting a personal shopping business for my kababayans! (fellow Filipinos) I know how it feels when you want to buy something from the US but not sure how to get them or who to ask for help in getting them. Well I'm making that happen. Just give me this week to finalize everything then we will get started! I'm so excited!

So what's on your wish list? Let me know! Looking forward to doing business with you soon!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I got really bored yesterday so I went to the mall instead. I meant to check LA fitness and join so I can start with my yoga class again. But instead I went to the mall and luckily there was a lot of sale going on since tomorrow is Valentine's day. I noticed most people were going crazy with their shopping too, guys mostly which I find cute since the items that they were purchasing were for girls. Aren't we girls lucky! Haha!

I am going on a weekend trip starting Friday that's why I wanted to buy a few things too, just spending time with my husband's bestfriend and his kids. Thought would be nice to buy some toys for the kiddos too, in the end I wasn't able to buy any since I ended having so many paper bags and couldn't carry any more. Here are the things that I got. Everything has a discount so I'm very happy about that! I would probably update this and add more pictures so you can see the items that I got. Btw, this is to share my shopping experience, not bragging.

I saw this Prada shades that I love in Bloomingdales but I found out that they only have generic casing for it so I skipped and went to an actual sunglass store to get a new pair of sunglasses. I tried on a couple of sneakers and sandals too since I am getting ready for summer, though it always feels like its summer here in Florida which is nice. In the end, I got a lot of stuff from Kate Spade which is one of my favorite brands, Gucci Sunglasses, Coach purses which is a first since I'm not a huge fan of the brand but thought it would be nice to give it a try, coach sneakers and more loccitane beauty products. I am so happy about my purchases because I got everything that I needed for this month.

Of course as a girl, I'm looking forward for my next shopping spree! Crazy, I know! Happy Valentine's in advance!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lincoln Road Mall

Six months ago when I first arrived I wanted to go to Lincoln Road since I heard so many things about it. So yesterday I finally had the time to go there. I have been working since the first month I got here that's why I didn't really find the time go drive all the way to South Beach.

The trip was tiring since we came from West Palm Beach since my husband had to work before we could go to Lincoln Road. We were debating if we were gonna do it the same day but we did anyway. In total he drove 150 miles. We arrived Lincoln Road around 3:30pm, flat rate for parking was $30, which is pricey but it's a tourist spot. Our first stop was ZARA, I got lucky since they had sale items too! They don't have a ZARA here in Fort Lauderdale anymore the space was replaced by H&M which was in Aventura Mall. After we grabbed some gyro which was really yummy then walked 11 blocks to Lincoln Road Mall since we were in Collins Ave. Had yogurt after browsing the boutiques. I saw Aldo, Forever 21, PAUL, Desigual, Steve Madden, Sunglass Hut, H&M. Lots of restaurants too which had nice set up close to the boutiques which reminded me of Serendra in The Fort from back home.

Considering that they have a lot of tourists I was surprised not to see high end brands here. So I was a bit disappointed with that. I know people don't go to South Beach to shop but would still be nice to see the designer brands,after all people who also live there are mostly the upper class. Would be a good crowd for that kind of business.

In the end I still enjoyed our walk and it was nice to finally see the area. Here are some pictures.

Monday, February 4, 2013

On a roof top

Literally I am on top of the roof top as I write this post. It's just amazing how the view here is. I have fear of heights but I can't stop taking pictures. Just wanted to share a few of them. It's pretty windy today so having the sun balances it. I get easily cold so that's a good thing for me to keep me warm at least.

The rest of the pictures that have yachts was taken at another roof. It's an amazing experience I'd say! I like reminding myself to take advantage of what is given to you and be thankful! Hope your day is as good as mine!