Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where creativity happens

Since my earlier blog was about my former boutique which is related to arts and crafts I decided to finally go to Michael's. It was a fifteen minute drive away from home. I have read so much about the store and I cant believe that I waited this long to visit their store. As I entered, I felt the rush to buy a lot of things. Beads, tools for making accessories, stickers for scrap book making and even home decor diy projects. Prices were relatively affordable too. This is what I got, never too old to have a journal. Its always fun to have a mood board or capture moments with my polaroid and stick it here. Im so excited to get started!

        Sorry if picture is glary for the upper portion, I guess its the plastic or just not enough light in my room
                Check out www.smashstoriesblog.com while you're at it too. I will be smashing fashion!

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