Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First Post

It is my first time to celebrate new year here in Florida. I definitely miss how we do it back home. (I am from the Philippines and migrated last August 2012) I was hoping that we would see a lot of fireworks from the house so we skipped going to the countdown, unfortunately we only saw a couple of fireworks from the house.  I have always had issues with big crowds so I was avoiding that too. We stayed in watched movies and pigged out.

There were a couple of bigger fireworks from afar but this was the closest I could get, our neighbor's. We did not get any because we were originally planning to go to the countdown.

While watching The odd life of Timothy Green and Frankenweenie, both are cute movies. We also had brownies and california rolls they were gone even before I could actually take pictures of it. I just had sparkling water with my meal.

After waiting, it is finally here! obviously I am curious and excited to see what is going to happen this year. Keeping the good vibes coming!!! HELLO 2013 I am so READY for you!

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