Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First day of the year

I did not stay up very late because I had to work the following day. I woke up feeling sad since I miss home and how we do things during the holiday season. I cannot dwell too much about it and have to deal with it and look on the bright side of life. I know my mom will not be happy to read that I am sad on New year's day. So I needed a mood booster. I chose this printed pants from Forever 21 to add spice to the first day of the year. I have a thing for prints and colors. It screams happiness for me.

Denim Jacket: Forever 21 Inside Shirt: Human(brand from home) Accessories: Casio,Aeropostale,Claire's

After a long day, I was really excited to jot down my thoughts for the day. We do not have the Starbucks planner here in the US so I was looking for an alternative and found this online and purchased it right away. I have read the book so I know it will help me a lot become more positive.

Last year's planner, I miss collecting stickers in order to get them. Not only you only get to enjoy their drink, you also get to help since proceeds go to charity. And the fun part is you get the planner after collecting the stickers.

I am so happy with this planner since I will be able to see the difference of the things I did for each day for five years. 365 days, 1,825 moments written. I will make sure that each day is memorable! its always nice to look back. HAPPY NEW YEAR once again.

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