Saturday, January 5, 2013

Each day in Fort Lauderdale

August 2 of last year was my first day of moving here to the US. I stayed in Michigan for a night to continue my flight from the Philippines to Japan then Japan to Detroit,then the next day to Fort Lauderdale.
I traveled by myself so it was really hard,it was hard to leave home. I did stay in Singapore alone for a month too but it was nothing like this, been crying for months until it finally came to me that I left my life in Manila.

On the brighter side this is the view I wake up to everyday.An amazing view that is indeed a stress reliever. Its nice to see the Jungle Queen pass by each day, get to see yachts in all sizes too. My husband's family has been living here for 36 years.  They have helped me a lot in adjusting. They are my new family now and I could not ask for anything more. I guess change is good, but I am still in the phase of adjusting, people are so different here, culture is so diverse. One thing I have learned is you just have to be yourself. The values I have learned from home will always remain no matter what. So far I am enjoying my journey, learning a lot of new things, building my social network and trying to figure out everyday what to eat, because people who know me personally know that I have real issues with food since I am very picky. Anyway,  I do not want this to be too long I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you liked it please leave a comment, I would appreciate it a lot.


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