Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Favorites

Best part of the year is December since you have all the reason to shop!
 Here are some of the items I got last month. 
(This is not everything I was not able to take pictures of the other items, will update this)

   Two shirts from AX (30% off) Wallet from CK (40%off) Top from Mango (50% off)
                                             50% off, goodies to give from Physicians Formula
                                                     Jacket and Inner top: Forever 21(21%off )
                                   Bought during friends and family day of F21, I work in F21 btw
                                                       This is $2 cheap considering its size
                                   Random: says limited edition so I bought it $4 and its yummy!
                                             Semi Annual Sale mostly were 75% and 50% off
                                                              Original Price less $20.00

I just had to be patient in looking for the great deals, I must admit I got very excited and wanted to purchase more, but of course I had to stick with the budget. ITS ALWAYS FUN TO SHOP!

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