Thursday, January 31, 2013

Filipino food, finally!

It will be my sixth month here in the US this coming Feb 2. And with that being said, of course I miss eating our cuisine. I don't know how to cook but I was still hoping to find a store where they sell our products. After doing three tries I was able to find one that was actually close by and open.

I'm so happy and tonight, I am so full from munching the whole day! The long search is over yay!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bad hair day away

I've been in search for good products for my curly hair. I'm really glad that I've tried the Organix curling perfection, defining cream. It smells so good and keeps the wave frizz free! Thinking of switching to their shampoo and conditioner soon too. I have been eyeing on the quickstyle goody brush since I've read good reviews about it online. And finally got one in CVS. Not bad for $13.  It usually takes me at least 15 minutes to dry my hair so hopefully this will help me. I'm so excited to use it. This combo will help me be away from those bad hair day!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Product placement

I've been visiting boutiques so we can find people who want to do product placement.  The process is exciting. I'm doing my first shoot on Tuesday so I'm so stressed and pressured. People from the production house have been very nice to me so that lessens the stress. I'm going to post more pictures soon since I have a tripod now. Yay!

If you are interested to do a product placement please let me know. Contact details are all here on my blog

Sunday, January 13, 2013

What's keeping me busy

I've been in the search of expanding my network for my styling gigs. And luckily I found one. I will be an intern for them and hopefully they will like my styling and hire me for their upcoming projects. It's difficult to start again since I just moved here, don't have any contacts with the fashion industry,nor with any photographers. This will be a good start. So wish me luck. I'm doing this blog through my phone now so I have no idea what the layout will look like so please bear with me. And ohhh magazines set my mood too! So I picked more today and good thing the Feb issue was available!

What have you been doing lately? Are you making your dreams become a reality too? I hope so!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Where creativity happens

Since my earlier blog was about my former boutique which is related to arts and crafts I decided to finally go to Michael's. It was a fifteen minute drive away from home. I have read so much about the store and I cant believe that I waited this long to visit their store. As I entered, I felt the rush to buy a lot of things. Beads, tools for making accessories, stickers for scrap book making and even home decor diy projects. Prices were relatively affordable too. This is what I got, never too old to have a journal. Its always fun to have a mood board or capture moments with my polaroid and stick it here. Im so excited to get started!

        Sorry if picture is glary for the upper portion, I guess its the plastic or just not enough light in my room
                Check out while you're at it too. I will be smashing fashion!

Knowing what you want

I have a degree in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I knew from the beginning that I will not practice my major. This was my parent's choice. I figured I will try my best to finish school and do what I like after college. I had to deal with unending algorithms, programming languages and html. The most stressful days in my life. Everything was a challenge since its always harder to deal with something you do not like. But I survived and graduated. I was the happiest person then, right after I attended several short courses to become familiar with fashion. Started my network, started learning how to make beaded accessories and started to look for suppliers. The whole experience entailed hard work. When I had finally saved up the money to start my own boutique I took my chances and made it happen. This was the end result. It felt good that I have achieved something at the age of  24. My point here is as long as you believe in yourself and the endless possibilities, you will achieve your goals. All the wait will become worth it. Unfortunately, after getting married I had to close it since I had to move here in the US. I regret closing it somehow but everything happens for a reason. I know that there is a better opportunity waiting for me here. How about you? What do you want?Are you taking action to make it happen?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sweet life

How can you say no to these? I went to Walgreens to pick up a few things and of course could not skip the candies and chocolate section. They were on sale too! The chocolates were 2 for $5 and Haribo was 3 for $4. I used to buy Haribo in the candy kiosk I see in the mall and they were $5 each! I had to look for them in Publix but could not find them there either. I wanted the gummy bears but they dont have stock, I guess they are really popular and of course it being sold cheaper in Walgreens I would probably stock up on them too.I need all the calories in the world. Cant wait to open them!

Each day in Fort Lauderdale

August 2 of last year was my first day of moving here to the US. I stayed in Michigan for a night to continue my flight from the Philippines to Japan then Japan to Detroit,then the next day to Fort Lauderdale.
I traveled by myself so it was really hard,it was hard to leave home. I did stay in Singapore alone for a month too but it was nothing like this, been crying for months until it finally came to me that I left my life in Manila.

On the brighter side this is the view I wake up to everyday.An amazing view that is indeed a stress reliever. Its nice to see the Jungle Queen pass by each day, get to see yachts in all sizes too. My husband's family has been living here for 36 years.  They have helped me a lot in adjusting. They are my new family now and I could not ask for anything more. I guess change is good, but I am still in the phase of adjusting, people are so different here, culture is so diverse. One thing I have learned is you just have to be yourself. The values I have learned from home will always remain no matter what. So far I am enjoying my journey, learning a lot of new things, building my social network and trying to figure out everyday what to eat, because people who know me personally know that I have real issues with food since I am very picky. Anyway,  I do not want this to be too long I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you liked it please leave a comment, I would appreciate it a lot.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December Favorites

Best part of the year is December since you have all the reason to shop!
 Here are some of the items I got last month. 
(This is not everything I was not able to take pictures of the other items, will update this)

   Two shirts from AX (30% off) Wallet from CK (40%off) Top from Mango (50% off)
                                             50% off, goodies to give from Physicians Formula
                                                     Jacket and Inner top: Forever 21(21%off )
                                   Bought during friends and family day of F21, I work in F21 btw
                                                       This is $2 cheap considering its size
                                   Random: says limited edition so I bought it $4 and its yummy!
                                             Semi Annual Sale mostly were 75% and 50% off
                                                              Original Price less $20.00

I just had to be patient in looking for the great deals, I must admit I got very excited and wanted to purchase more, but of course I had to stick with the budget. ITS ALWAYS FUN TO SHOP!

First day of the year

I did not stay up very late because I had to work the following day. I woke up feeling sad since I miss home and how we do things during the holiday season. I cannot dwell too much about it and have to deal with it and look on the bright side of life. I know my mom will not be happy to read that I am sad on New year's day. So I needed a mood booster. I chose this printed pants from Forever 21 to add spice to the first day of the year. I have a thing for prints and colors. It screams happiness for me.

Denim Jacket: Forever 21 Inside Shirt: Human(brand from home) Accessories: Casio,Aeropostale,Claire's

After a long day, I was really excited to jot down my thoughts for the day. We do not have the Starbucks planner here in the US so I was looking for an alternative and found this online and purchased it right away. I have read the book so I know it will help me a lot become more positive.

Last year's planner, I miss collecting stickers in order to get them. Not only you only get to enjoy their drink, you also get to help since proceeds go to charity. And the fun part is you get the planner after collecting the stickers.

I am so happy with this planner since I will be able to see the difference of the things I did for each day for five years. 365 days, 1,825 moments written. I will make sure that each day is memorable! its always nice to look back. HAPPY NEW YEAR once again.

First Post

It is my first time to celebrate new year here in Florida. I definitely miss how we do it back home. (I am from the Philippines and migrated last August 2012) I was hoping that we would see a lot of fireworks from the house so we skipped going to the countdown, unfortunately we only saw a couple of fireworks from the house.  I have always had issues with big crowds so I was avoiding that too. We stayed in watched movies and pigged out.

There were a couple of bigger fireworks from afar but this was the closest I could get, our neighbor's. We did not get any because we were originally planning to go to the countdown.

While watching The odd life of Timothy Green and Frankenweenie, both are cute movies. We also had brownies and california rolls they were gone even before I could actually take pictures of it. I just had sparkling water with my meal.

After waiting, it is finally here! obviously I am curious and excited to see what is going to happen this year. Keeping the good vibes coming!!! HELLO 2013 I am so READY for you!